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Felltarn Bespoke Designs

Our passion lies in creating tailor-made experiences that capture the essence of your town or business. Simply provide us with a brief and a theme, and watch as we craft something that perfectly encapsulates the unique vibe, incorporating your corporate branding seamlessly. Elevate your events to new heights with our cleverly designed leaflets, booklets, maps, and guides. Whether it's a special event or a specific theme, count on us to customize a trail design that is uniquely yours.

We crafted a Summer Trail for Kendal BID, incorporating over 120 local businesses—our most extensive and successful trail to date! Additionally, we took charge of project management, ensuring all BID levy payers had the chance to participate. We successfully installed the trail pictures in business windows throughout Kendal town centre, creating a vibrant and engaging experience for both locals and visitors alike. Trust Felltarn for bespoke trail designs that leave a lasting impact. 

Last May, as the Eurovision extravaganza swept through Merseyside, Southport BID reached out to us to create a bespoke themed trail for their local community and the influx of Eurovision fans. Designing the Southport Eurovision Trail was an absolute delight, and we had great fun infusing the trail with the spirit and excitement of Eurovision. It was a wonderful collaboration that added a touch of creativity and enjoyment to the Eurovision festivities in Southport. CLICK HERE to read about this project.

In the bustling summer, Brighouse hosted a massive Dinosaur Event and approached Felltarn to design a trail map within an 8-page dinosaur-themed booklet. The booklet featured not only the trail map but also engaging content such as fun facts, games, puzzles, and additional information about the event. The response was outstanding, and Brighouse has become a fantastic and valued client for us ever since. We're thrilled to have contributed to the success of the Dinosaur Event and continue to collaborate with Brighouse in creating memorable experiences.

Sutton Coldfield, having previously commissioned Felltarn for a Food & Drink Guide, returned to us in 2023 to create a 'Professional Services Guide' in the same distinctive style. This comprehensive guide included directory listings and featured a beautifully designed map enriched with bespoke illustrations of key relevant locations. It was a pleasure to continue our collaboration with Sutton Coldfield, delivering another guide that not only offers valuable information but also captures the unique essence of the local professional services sector.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for a Bespoke project, please contact Amy for a no obligation quotation.

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