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Town Map, History Guides, Antique Trails, Business Directories... we do it all!

Looking for a fresh town or location map? Look no further! We specialise in creating maps tailored to your business, town, event, or festival. Utilising your branding and desired ambiance, we craft bespoke maps that perfectly represent your establishment.

History Guides, Antique Trails, Business Directories or guides, at Felltarn, we specialise in designing a variety of projects for businesses, town councils, event venues, and Business Improvement Districts. Whatever your project, we're here to create visually appealing and informative materials that cater to your specific needs.

Soho Road BID required a detailed map of their BID zone, highlighting the boundaries while also showcasing the unique buildings and businesses within the area. To meet this specific need, we crafted a customized illustrated map specifically tailored for inclusion in their latest business plan. This map featured a selection of building illustrations and marked key locations, serving as a visually engaging and informative addition to their planning materials. At Felltarn, we take pride in our ability to adapt and create bespoke solutions that precisely meet the requirements of our clients. Presenting the Soho Road BID Map.

Sutton Coldfield, having previously commissioned Felltarn for a Food & Drink Guide, returned to us in 2023 to create a 'Professional Services Guide' in the same distinctive style. This comprehensive guide included directory listings and featured a beautifully designed map enriched with bespoke illustrations of key relevant locations. It was a pleasure to continue our collaboration with Sutton Coldfield, delivering another guide that not only offers valuable information but also captures the unique essence of the local professional services sector.

Please contact Amy to discuss your requirements and we will create you something special!

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