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Eurovision Meets Felltarn in Southport!

We could barely contain ourselves when we were approached by Southport BID and asked to design a Eurovision Themed Trail as part of the collection of events happening across Merseyside. Despite the slightly tight deadline of course we would!

The trail launches on 29 April and will run until the 14 May, taking in two Bank Holiday weekends and of course the week of all the Eurovision celebrations leading up to the main competition on Saturday 13 May in Liverpool.

This has been a completely bespoke design project, illustrated from scratch by Claire, and features some very well-known faces from Eurovision through the ages.

We researched past winners, facts and information all about Eurovision, and came up with a collection of window pictures for Southport BID to display across the town, and illustrated the all-important trail map. Claire’s sketch of Sam Ryder is just brilliant!

Lulu, Jedward, Buck’s Fizz and Conchita all make an appearance – Felltarn style – in the trail. There are Eurovision themed musical images to find along the way, and some lesser-known facts about the spectacle, did you know the rules state there must not be more than 6 performers per act, and the time limit for each performance is 3 minutes. Every day is a school day even on a fun Felltarn trail!

This project has really made us smile, and we’re sure anyone visiting Southport will have great fun completing our pop-tastic trail.

Our bespoke trails can be illustrated to coincide with any events, festivals or activities happening in your area, or you can commission a trail to be the primary event itself. If you have a theme in mind, simply send us an email or give us a call and we can have a chat about how we can create the perfect trail for you.

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