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The Story of


It all started back in 2013 when Amy and Claire met on the school run. Both mums had a desire to work for themselves and find something 'different' to put their time and skills into. With Claire's background in graphic design, craft and illustration and Amy's passions for business and books, the idea for Felltarn's first venture soon came to light. 

The duo worked hard to create the stunning and now very iconic 'Felltarn Friends' animal characters in their Lake District Adventures activity book - a beautifully illustrated 96 page guide to The Lakes for children and families packed full of games, puzzles, information and ideas for places to visit. These animal characters continue to feature in Felltarn design projects.


After publishing the much loved children's activity book, which first brought the Felltarn Friends characters to life, Felltarn moved into creating gifts & homeware. Still inspired by those original characters and now introducing a more grown-up edge to the range, including the Scandi Sheep & the 'Done. by Amy' range, these items are stocked by retailers up and down the UK. Felltarn has quickly become renowned for its beautiful illustrations and quality gifts, all still produced by hand in the heart of Cumbria.


Alongside the gift range, Felltarn has been commissioned by the Town Centre Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) to help encourage greater interaction between the general public and town centres. With their wonderful designs and illustrations, Claire and Amy plan, design and illustrate maps and trails to help showcase attractions and events within town centres and visitors' centres. 


My name is Claire Lambert

I moved to South Lakeland from Johannesburg in 2007 for a complete lifestyle change, and found the pace of Lake District living far more inspirational for my creativity, and the perfect environment for starting her family. Dog walking in the fells and spending time with my friends and beautiful family are my most loved pastimes - or taking over the dancefloor with Amy on a rare and much needed evening out!



My name is Amy Onyango

I grew up in Kendal with regular family outings into The Lakes - although I readily admits my nose was usually glued to a good book rather than admiring the view! Still a book-lover, though with much less time to dedicate to reading, I regard publishing Felltarn Friends as one of her most proud achievements and just loves presenting the Felltarn brand as it has evolved to be.  

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