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Updated: Jan 31

Among our most popular bespoke designs are the stunning Food and Drink Town Maps, a winning choice for organizations looking to showcase local restaurants, eateries, pubs, and bars. These visually appealing maps, adorned with original building sketches, not only captivate attention but also drive footfall, encouraging visits to various local businesses. Investing in 'place promotion,' these maps showcase the food and drink destinations that draw in locals, visitors, couples, groups of friends, families, and day-trippers.

Our classic trails, beloved by BIDs and Councils across the UK, feature customized maps incorporating logos, branding, and sponsor information.


The Food and Drink Town Map not only showcases locations but also categorizes each business, providing customers with clear expectations of what they can find, enhancing their overall experience.

Experience the charm of our unique building illustrations, framing a detailed town map that highlights your town's distinctive local architecture. Turn to page two for a comprehensive directory of hospitality venues, guiding visitors to the hidden gems that make your area special. We take pride in crafting these eye-catching guides, enriching the exploration experience for those discovering the richness of your local community.

We have a layout that is tried and tested that works really well but of course we can adapt, amend and change colours to suite your Town Council or Business Improvement District branding.


A3 map, folded to A4, then to DL leaflet size.

A3 map - promoting the town's beautiful buildings and businesses featuring up to 25 (approx) unique sketches and illustrations.

A4 page 1 - a categorised list of all the restaurants, eateries, pubs and bars in your town, with unique key coding for your specific requirements.

A4 page 2 - divided into 3 DL size: cover, back cover and a trivia page - all these sections can be customised to your BID's requirements - promoting local events, information, partnerships, sponsorships or collaborations.

Business Improvement Districts that have commissioned these Food & Drink Guides include:

Paisley BID, Kendal BID, Morecambe BID, Watford BID, Reading BID, Stockton BID, Sutton Coldfield BID and more.

OTHER Food & Drink Maps we have created are: #watfordbid

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