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Peter Pan Christmas Trail Basingstoke

Peter Pan Christmas Trail in Basingstoke

The Peter Pan Christmas Trail was something out of the ordinary for Felltarn Friends. We’re used to working on projects close to home and love being part of the local community – seeing our work out and about in Kendal and the surrounding area. But the town trails that we’d created in Cumbria struck a chord a little further afield and we received a new brief from Basingstoke BID for this Peter Pan Christmas Trail.

Their idea was to link up the annual pantomime – this time it was Peter Pan, with a town trail around their BID zone to increase awareness of the pantomime and offer families a little more festive fun.

This project had a fairly tight deadline, and although we were more than happy to travel south for a Felltarn Friends road trip to Basingstoke, they kindly offered to provide a trail route and information on which businesses were on board with popping the relevant trail paraphernalia in their windows.

11 Peter Pan characters – you know the ones: Tinkerbell, Captian Hook, the Lost Boys and the rest, were displayed in the windows of businesses around the town. Again, due to time and distance contraints on this particular project, Basingstoke BID organised the locations for the pictures and got the relevant businesses on board. This is something that Felltarn Friends offer as part of the trail project – liaising with BID members and gaining their support and involvement is all part of the service! But of course there are occasions when it’s just more practical for the BID to organise the Peter Pan Christmas Trail route, and that’s absolutely fine.

Felltarn Friends creates all the artwork for a full marketing campaign, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or for printed flyers to go into schools and cafes, for newspaper and magazine advertising and we can write a  great press release too. Once the campaign is launched, we will actively share and promote the project to help interact with your target audience and get as many people taking part in the trail as possible.

We have seen website visits up by almost 500% for our town trails – this makes them a proven boost to your BID zone, getting kids and their families exploring different areas, shops, restaurants, service providers and having great fun in the process.

Below is a summary of the Peter Pan Christmas Trail process.

Initial Brief from Basingstoke BID: 

First, we need a simple brief from you regarding the theme or objective you want to focus on. Has there been some recent regeneration of an area or a new feature to promote, or you want to create a wonderful family day out in your town?

  • Plan and design a Peter Pan Christmas Trail for children around the BID Zone in Basingstoke.

  • To run throughout the Christmas holidays.

  • To feature Peter Pan characters as a promotion for the annual pantomime.

  • Trail maps to be FREE to participants.

  • 4 weeks to complete the design and print.

  • Design a series of marketing flyers, banners and adverts.

Phase 1: Information Gathering and Planning. 

Next, we liaise with businesses within the BID area to give each one the opportunity to take part – asking them if they’d be happy popping something in the window to look out for on the town trail, place an advert on the trail map, or provide a special offer for trail participants. In this instance, Basingstoke BID organised this part of the project.

  • Contact BID members to gather numbers for participation.

  • Plan routes to include all interested businesses.

Phase 2: Design. 

Then it’s time to get creative and design your town trail! The Felltarn Friends style is quite distinctive and instantly recognisable, yet we produce something bespoke and unique with each project.

  • Peter Pan Christmas Trail to be in a recognisable ‘Felltarn Friends’ style.

  • To feature Peter Pan characters.

  • 11 Peter Pan designs to find in windows and fill in the blanks on the map.

  • Flyers to print and social media banners and headers to be designed.

Phase 3: Print and Distribution.

Once you’ve approved your town trail design, we send it to print, or send you the artwork to print yourselves, the choice is yours. We’ll design and print your flyers to be distributed to local schools, cafés and community hubs.

Basingstoke BID received the artwork from Felltarn Friends in a digital format, ready to go straight to the printers, and organised their own print run. The distribution of the Peter Pan Christmas Trail maps and flyers was also taken on by Basingstoke BID.

You can choose to include print and distribution in the package we provide for the town trails, and it doesn’t matter where you are!

Phase 4: PR and Marketing.

We can help with social media marketing too by designing the graphics for an advertising campaign for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and website.

  • Advertise the trails prior to launch across the Basingstoke area via social media.

  • Advertise in local publications.

  • Press release written by Felltarn Friends for local news outlets.

  • Ongoing social media event shares.

  • Top-up of flyers on countertops.

Also – include a selection of adverts on the trail map to promote additional services, projects and incentives in your town to get people into the BID area.

Get in touch!

  • Contact Amy or 07846805602 and have a chat about how we can help you achieve a higher footfall and an increase in business awareness around your BID zone.

We are currently looking at projects for Spring, Easter and even Summer – take a look at the pictures to get a feel for our services.

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