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Morecambe Food & Drink Map

Morecambe BID was looking to showcase the many eateries and pubs in the area and asked us to create an illustrated Food & Drink Trail.

We sent Morecambe BID Manager, John, a tick list of information we needed to create the map. John emailed us the photos of Morecambe’s pubs and the list of eateries, social media handles and logos. And then the magic began…

Morecambe Pub Illustrated by Felltarn
Each Morecambe pub building was skillfully illustrated from photographs to be featured around the map.

We drew the Morecambe map in a style to suit the project and surrounded the map with the pub images.

Morecambe Food & Drink Map Illustrated by Felltarn
Morecambe Food & Drink Map

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