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Halloween Trail Template Success

Halloween Trail Template Success this Autumn Felltarn Friends put together a template for a Creepy Creatures Halloween Trail. The idea being that with a few amends, the template can be customised and therefore used time and again. Why? So we can bring even more trails to towns across the UK and make them easy, affordable and quick!

In the time it usually takes us to create just one bespoke town trail, we worked with Halifax, Newbury, Southport and Putney to customise the template for their towns.

With Halloween just around the corner, the Creepy Creatures trail is set to bring fun and entertainment to thousands of children all over the country.

Not only do our trails look fabulous, they provide the perfect incentive for families to explore their town centre. Businesses report increases in customers, parents are happy that the children are catered for, and the BIDs can rest assured that they are showcasing the best their town has to offer!

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