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Food and Drink Town Trail

Map of Kendal Pubs and Bars

I think this town trail proves that Felltarn Friends is not just a brand for children… an evening trail featuring places to eat and drink around Kendal to give night-time trade in the town a well deserved boost.

As soon as Kendal BID presented us with the brief, we knew that the buildings had to feature on the trail as Kendal is chock-full of historic pubs and interesting eateries. So of course we had to visit every location, to take photos of course! We were very well behaved and didn’t actually get tempted by the fantastic range of food and drink – we stayed focussed on the planning and design.

There was an awful lot of information to include on the trail map, not just pubs, bars and restaurants but other late-night takeaway options too. Working out the best route was pretty tricky too, ensuring that each and every place featured somewhere along the way, and that the establishments open until the early hours were towards the end of the trail.

Now, with almost 30 places on the trail, we couldn’t possibly condone completing the trail with a drink in each and every location, so it was necessary to highlight the ‘drink responsibly’ message, and also make clear that the trail isn’t really designed to be completed from beginning to end. Can you imagine the carnage otherwise?

From the photos we took of each building, Claire drew the wonderful sketches bordering the trail. This design has received many accolades, and we love the look of it.

The brief stated that the trail should be fun and include relevant facts and trivia, so we set about researching all sorts of weird and wonderful boozy information to create the Booze Trivia section on the reverse.

Limited space was available for businesses to advertise, and of course the all important disclaimer too!

4000 trail maps were printed initially, and distributed to around 20 pick-up locations around the town by Felltarn Friends and Kendal BID. As this is not a season-specific trail, it can be re-printed and continued all year round. If you ever needed an incentive to come to Kendal that didn’t involve Mintcake, this is it! (Well, there is the Kendal Mintcake Liquer and Vodka so maybe you can’t quite escape it after all…)

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