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Easter Town Trail

A Familiar Sight!

Our first ever town trail was commissioned by Barrow BID in 2017. To fulfil their brief, we completed a design which was printed in black and white. So when 2 commissions came in from Halifax BID and West Ealing BID for an Easter Town Trail each, we offered them Barrow BID Bunny template – with a few tweaks (and a different map of course…!)

Do you have a favourite trail design of ours? CLICK HERE to use it as a template for your town trail!

Bright and Beautiful

Adding colour to the original black, white and grey design really brought everything to life! Already having the template to work from meant there was a lot less to originate. Fundamentally, we illustrated the map, plotted the trail and created the puzzles with place-specific references.

If you’d like help with organising a town trail, call in the experts! CLICK HERE to get in touch.

Cost Effective

This method allowed us to keep costs lower than with a fully bespoke trail design. Graphic design is generally costed per hour, so having less to originate means less time to complete and a lesser fee. These projects were completed quickly, fulfilling both briefs brilliantly!

Whether you’d prefer a beautiful bespoke design or a tried and tested template, we can create something special for your town. GET IN TOUCH and let’s get the ball rolling!

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