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Dog Greetings Cards

Beautiful Watercolour Doggie Greeting Cards Designed by Claire at Felltarn.

Claire’s got ANOTHER dog! That’s three now: Pixie (Chihuahua); Charlie (Toy Pomeranian); and now Bruce (Chihuahua)! Such cuties – they’re a total comedy act all playing around together and following Claire absolutely everywhere, twelve paws pitter-pattering behind her; Claire’s Disciples, I call them, ha!

When they’re all settled (takes a while…) we have been getting cracking on our latest design project – Greetings Cards! Claire, being The Creative One (although change is afoot – stay tuned to find out more… It’s quite funny…) put pencil to paper and came up with a beautiful design for a dog themed Greeting Card, featuring nine cute canine breeds.

You might not know this, but even though it’s barely summer, we are having to think about Christmas and steer our design and production towards the sorts of things we want to have available to you lovely people for the festive season. I mean the supermarkets have Christmas things in as soon as the Summer ends! It’s crazy – but that’s the world we live in. So, we’ve jumped on the bandwagon (sleigh?) and designed a Christmas version of the Dog Greetings Card complete with Santa Hats and Mistletoe. Of course I’m quite heavily biased, but I can assure you it’s one of the most gorgeous Christmas Cards you could possibly give to a dog lover.

Something very important to Claire and I at Christmas time is that the cards we buy support a charity. Literally down the road from Felltarn HQ is Animal Rescue Cumbria, Wainwright Shelter. They are a fantastic charity offering a sanctuary for cats and dogs who are temporarily without a home. It took all of about ten seconds to decide we should support them through the sales of our dog Greetings Cards. I got on the phone and spoke to the lovely Amanda, Animal Rescue Cumbria’s brand new manager, and she invited us to pop into the Wainwright Shelter and see first-hand all their furry companions and the work they do to help them and find their forever homes.

I was overwhelmed by the brilliant facilities they have – the cats and dogs (yes, they live in separate areas of the shelter!) all have a clean, warm, spacious area to enjoy. We met a lady who comes in to socialise some of the cats – a Cat Whisperer! And saw the huge Cat Adventure Playground with every type of climby, scratchy, dangly thing cats can usually only dream of. (I said to Claire – you’re going to need to do a feline version of the Dog Card. She agreed, of course!) Did you know: when a cat does a slow blink at you, it’s the equivalent of a kiss? I told my kids later in the day, and it’s all we do at home now – cat kisses to each other!

After visiting all the cats, we were taken down to see the dogs in a separate area across the courtyard. The ladies knew each dog and his or her history, what behavioural issues (if any) they had and interacted with every one of them with such care and compassion. It was heart-warming to see these animals, some of which have had a very rough time, being given such a warm, friendly, loving environment. Thank you Amanda and the Wainwright Shelter team for showing us around!A percentage of profits from the sale of each one of our Animal Greeting Cards will be donated to Animal Rescue Cumbria: Wainwright Shelter, to help keep it on the go and continue providing this safe haven for homeless cats and dogs.

Claire Jane Mansfield with her dogs Pixie (Chihuahua); Charlie (Toy Pomeranian); and Bruce (Chihuahua) Ethan, Emma and Kenya with the dogs in the bluebell forest near Felltarn HQ.

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