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Christmas Trail in Kendal

Christmas Trail in Kendal

Kendal BID got in touch with a fresh concept for a Christmas Trail this year.

This was the second consecutive BID Christmas Trail for Kendal, and this time our brief included Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, symbols on baubles, Christmas Carols, quirky elves, and a Trump-Card game.

Using the 8 reindeer in the classic poem, “The Night Before Christmas”, plus Rudolph of course, we created 9 different Reindeer Trump Cards for a ratings game with a top-trumps type objective.

Not only were there around 70 different symbols, carols and Rudolph pictures to find, 9 shops (open 7 days) were selected to give out the Reindeer Ratings Game cards.

The children had great fun wondering around Kendal matching reindeer to bauble, finding all the cheeky elves and collecting their trump cards.

These trails have become a great success around the country as they bridge the relationship between the public and the business owners. One of the tools we use to achieve this is to use ‘Trail Treats’. A ‘Trail Treat’ symbol in put in the participating businesses window and this lets the families know they should pop in to collect their treat – these can range from a sweet, to a toy to a discount card. We have even had chippies and restaurants giving away drinks and portions of chips. This incentivises the children to complete the trail and gets the parents coming into the businesses and interacting with the staff – a win-win all round!

Just look at our quirky elves dotted around Kendal’s shop windows!

The trail map is A3, and features puzzles, games and activities on the reverse providing even more entertainment for youngsters.

Our seasonal and themed town trails are a brilliant way to interact and engage with the general public, drawing them into the town centre – giving your businesses an extra opportunity to promote themselves to a captive audience.

Get in touch today to find out more and get your town trail underway!

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