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BIDs: Your Town’s Comeback from COVID-19

Social Media Marketing Package Tailored for Your Town

Felltarn continues to work creatively with BIDs up and down the UK despite these unusual times. Our focus is on helping you to promote, market and highlight precisely how people can interact with businesses, shops and leisure facilities in your town while adhering to government guidelines in a safe environment.

Reassurance is key as we all adjust our daily lives – new routines are being set all over the globe, and there will be anxieties in the air surrounding any sort of activity that involves social interactions.

Therefore, we have set our creative juices flowing and put together a comprehensive social media package for BIDs to share across their relevant platforms, helping to promote and encourage interaction between the general public and the available amenities.

The package contains 30 fun and eye-catching images and messages that we will customise with your BID logo and local information. We have grouped these images into five categories:


These are the reminders to keep on practising social distancing, washing and sanitising hands and not touching your face.


Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, and set to be hit the hardest by the pandemic. Therefore we have included images that encourage using small local independents to get your town thriving once again.


All premises are adapting to a new way of shopping and interacting, and it’s important that these changes are communicated to customers and clients. Whether its a limit on the number of people inside, a new one-way system or reduced opening hours, we have given you 10 images that can be customised to promote this information on behalf of your small businesses.


Encouraging footfall in a responsible way is what we’re helping you to do, and therefore we include images to be customised with a range of places to visit and things to do both within and outside your BID zone.


Community spirit and togetherness is such an important part of the comeback from COVID-19, and our bright and engaging package of illustrations includes positive messages that help give a sense of light at the end of the tunnel.

Prices for the 30-image package including customisations for your town’s information start at just £185.00 – split into two monthly instalments.

To discuss what would work for you and your BID, please just drop us an email or give us a call – we’re here to help you on your comeback from COVID-19.

07846 805602

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