Kendal Mug


Kendal Mug | Hand Printed

11oz ceramic mug featuring a stunning design inspired by the buildings of the historic market town of Kendal.


Kendal Mug

11oz hand printed ceramic Kendal Mug beautifully designed by Claire and featuring famous buildings from this historic market town: Kendal Castle, Ye Olde Fleece Inn, Kendal Town Hall, Castle Dairy, Kendal Parish Church, Abbot Hall and the 1657 Chocolate House.

The Kendal Mug is inspired by our local town which is just oozing with history and an array of fascinating buildings. We’ve sketched just a few of the many places to explore in the town, and I think you’ll agree they make a  stunning design and a brilliant mug. Who will you give a Kendal Mug to?

The Kendal Mug is supplied in a labelled white gift box.

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Weight .3 kg