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Contemplate a Template..?

At Felltarn we offer a variety of design and illustration options to ensure we create the perfect product for your brief. Having worked extensively with BIDs and councils all over the UK, we have been able to produce a range of 'trail templates' with a base design that stays the same. All we need from you is your map, logo, and some information about the locations you want to feature, and we can produce your trail map in just a few simple steps.

Sometimes, this 'template' option is the most cost effective - but isn't always fit for purpose. Often, we can tweak and amend the template to meet your requirements, but should you need something more bespoke to fit your plans, we will design your town map or trail from scratch. In short, whatever you need we will deliver!

Our summer this year has been a great example of template, tweaked template and bespoke design. Here are a few exaples of trails we completed this summer for Stirling BID (template) Clevedon BID (tweaked template) and Kendal BID (bespoke project)


A great cost effective way to offer a free event for local and visiting families. Using our fun colourful and beautifully illustrated design, we add your town map (draw by us) and the 12 locations you have picked for the main trail points.

Stirling BID used our standard Summer Trail template with 12 locations. The trail artwork offers space for your BID logo, social media handles, hashtags and a Trail Competition (a great way to capture emails for future event marketing) .

The back of the trails include puzzles and games for the children to enjoy, social media, website and hashtag information as well as the competition form.


Cleavedon BID wanted a Summer trail but needed to add more business the the 12 we had on offer... no problem!!! with a bit of tweaking we added 4 more 'main locations' as well as 2 cute characters the children could find and count along the way. This meant that another 30 businesses could be added to the trail.

The families follow the map around Clevedon looking for the 16 locations plus counting how many foxes and badgers they can find. For a chance to win a weekly prize, they submit their answer to a designated email.

Felltarn supplied marketing for Clevedon BID to create a cohesive summer project. The marketing included social media banners and headers and print ready artwork for leaflets.


Kendal BID likes to include as many businesses in the BID zone as possible and therefore opts for a bespoke artwork whenever they commission a trail with us. This year they wanted to promote the town itself, highlighting the town's history and unique character. We created 5 mascot characters for them using 5 things unique to Kendal, once we had these illustrated we could start the trail designing.

The Kendal Summer Trail sends families exploring the town and all its yards and


A key element to the success of a town trail is the enthusiasm from the businesses themselves. While most clients opt to communicate with their local businesses and get them to sign up to be included on the trail, for other clients this is a task they would rather be looked after by us here at Felltarn. No problem! We will visit in person (if possible) or get on the phone and speak to your business owners, explaining what the trail project is and gaining their approval for inclusion. We will look after as many aspects of the trail implementation process and ongoing project management as you need us to.]


We understand the challenges facing town centres especially since COVID19 and the rapid overtaking of internet based shopping compared to traditional bricks-and-mortar. Please feel free to contact us any time to discuss marketing plans for your town, and we will happily chat through what we can do to help bring more people into the area, engaging with the brilliant businesses you have to offer.

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