Felltarn Friends Finger Puppets

felltarn_finger_puppets22Those of you who’ve already seen the Activity Packs that we launched last year will know that inside the fun-filled goody bags is (among a host of other cute offerings) a woodland finger puppet to colour in and play with. But now we have taken this idea a step further and created a set of Felltarn Friends Finger Puppets – they’re simply delightful!

Today, I made the short trip into Kendal to pick up our first delivery of Felltarn Friends Finger Puppets from our wonderful local printer – thanks Alastair! The process of creating this latest product for our range started only a few weeks ago, sitting by the fire in the evening sketching the Felltarn Friends.

 Felltarn Friends Finger PuppetsI just love drawing and designing, it’s not only my day-job, but also how I relax and unwind after a busy and hectic day. Once the initial Finger Puppet drawings were completed, I took them down to the Felltarn HQ (this used to be my husband’s man-space in our home… not any more!) where all the graphics equipment helped to perfect these little creatures. The drawings were scanned into my computer so the images could be defined and sharpened ready to be sent off to the printers. Only a few days later and we have our hands on them – well, our fingers through them should we say! Amy was so excited she practically squealed – she loves that they’re full of character and a perfect addition to the Felltarn Friends’ growing collection of products.

Not only are these little guys going into our Activity Bags – perfect for weddings, parties or rainy days, but we have created a Felltarn Friends Finger Puppet Fun Pack including Harry Fox, Bertie Mouse, Bridget Bat and Robyn Red Squirrel, and a pack of four Felltarn Friends crayons. These are available direct from our website at £2.50 per pack (inc. P&P) and will be out in the shops from March.

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